Homo Divisus

by Deathbringer

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“Songs have this fascinating touch which makes the music stay interesting, something where many others in this specific genre fail. ...This is real quality for sure!!”
Marcel - VAMPIRE MAGAZINE - Deathbringer - Homo Divisus

“I believe the band had found the perfect combination of the progressive metal with the death metal or they have found the death metal side of progressive music...”
Antonis Maglaras - Power Play Records - Deathbringer - Homo Divisus

“To me personally, this type of death metal, whoever it is reminiscent of, is for true explorers loving their musical safari to be teemed with abrupt turns and unexpected falls into the unknown. It's like kayaking with the precipitous currents of a frantic river… you never know what to expect around the next bend: an unsteady joyless growl flowing into a maelstrom of thumping bass hammers and screaming solos or a torturous cascade of chaotic drum beats and slashing riffs. The intricate plot of the musical adventure unravels, thickens, quickens, and becomes slower if needed virtually every other ten seconds, electrifying the listener's auditory capacitors full stop and then some. However, it's not all about intensity and ravage. There are some opportune breaks thrown in here or there that act like a good sedative for your pierced ear-drums allowing them a few moments of relief to get ready for the next storming assault.”
CENOTAPH - "Treehouse Of Death" - HOMO DIVISUS

“We're in front to the new techno death metal gods with great creative spirit and fresh death tunes inside your minds, very innovative stuff...”
EXPLOSION CEREBRAL Zine - Deathbringer: ‘Promo Version CD From Homo Divisus’


released November 1, 2007

Artyom Serdyuk - guitars
Mitry Molochnikoff - vocals
Valery Poznyak - bass
Vitaly "Zmey" Silyuk - drums
Sergey "Sedoy" Kovalenkov - guitars

Guest musicians:
Jacek Hiro (Sceptic, Dies Irae, Virgin Snatch, Voodoo Gods) - guest solo in "No Mean City"
Fyodor Rozov - piano in "Aisthetes"

Engineered by Szymon Czech and Marcin Kielbaszewski at Studio-X (Olsztyn, Poland)
Mixed and Mastered by Szymon Czech
Produced by Szymon Czech, Marcin Kielbaszewski and Deathbringer.

Music and lyrics by Artyom Serdyuk (except for "No Mean City" by McCafferty/Charlton/Cleminson/Agnew/Sweet) and "Flesh And The Power It Holds" by Chuck Schuldiner)

Artwork and design by Tomek "Smoku" Modrzejewski
Mask photo by Tim Chesney.

Album is dedicated to Chuck Schuldiner, Krzysztof "Docent" Raczkowski and "Dimebag" Darrell Lance Abbott.



all rights reserved


Deathbringer Grodno, Belarus

DEATHBRINGER was formed in 2002 by Artyom Serdyuk.The band shared the stage with VADER,BEHEMOTH,MARDUK,HATE &many others.In November 2007 album "HOMO DIVISUS" was released by SOUND AGE PRODUCTION,was very well-received & got really positive reviews from all over the world & was re-released by MSR Productions in 2010.In September 2013 DEATHBRINGER entered MONROE SOUND STUDIO to record its successor ... more

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Track Name: Prisoner
Light’s so far away from my sight
Intruding voices are filling my head
Another day or maybe another night
Is passing by taking what I have bled.

I’m roaming amongst my thoughts
I’m trying to reveal the truth
My own mind swallows me up
The truth is me.

I am a prisoner in the cell of a so called life
Blank dismay and throbbing pain in my soul made by another lie.

Creeping darkness confronting my soul
Amorphous illusions unable to spawn
Same mysterious figure that I can not expose
I guess life is a thing that I do not even own.

Pre-Chorus: Chorus:

Answers I won’t be able to find
My questions sink in purifying fire
Inside the corridors of my mind
My consciousness is trapped in a corner of ire.
Pre-Chorus: Chorus:
Track Name: The Keeper Of Pain
I recreate the dimensions of pure sorrow
Collect the pieces of inner pain
I absorb the sufferings and follow
The blackened, sharpened blade of fate.

Look inside my mind
What you gonna see?
Souls full of scars
Mirror of reality.

I dissect the nothingness and fill it with squealing silence.

Look inside my mind
What you gonna see?
Bounty of pain
Shattering world inside me.

I scrutate the minds that are formal
And search for grief, filtering lies.
You may say: it’s abnormal
I won’t even deny.

My perception of the world is too distinctive
No rest for the keeper of pain
Do not feel sorry for me
The purport of my life you won’t explain.
Track Name: I Am What I Am
I’m just another insignificant human being
In this empty world of hate and injustice
World where the truth and the freedom are unseen
Where people don’t really know what trust is

I am what I am
Another rotting wound
In this sick society

Lies, Pain, Sufferings, Gain
I Bleed, Suffocate; They Crush, Eradicate

Nothing is left for me
Just to confound
The web of lies
Which suppresses individuals.

I am what I am
Another carnal disease
Of this sick society.

Why do I have to kneel
To whom I may appeal
Life’s so poignant and pale
Blemish existence they try to veil.
Track Name: Castigatio
Turn back the time to realize what is life as a progress
Displace obstacles to reprogram your mind.
Despair deny. Do not digress.

Wrap me in the bitterness,
Guide me in your track.
I’ll be your seeds of emptiness,
Humanity will be a soil for black.

The lever of evolution we are
From nihil we’ll create the Star.

Annihilate the chains that keep you still in abyss of thoughts
Divide entity; destroy the surplus parts;
Develop the germs of concepts.


I’m looking at the present
And I have seen the past
I foresee the future
I see the Starblast.

Track Name: Aversion
Why should we live feeding our minds with deaths of others?
Behold how world has changed, but we’re the same beasts with atrophied feelings like others.

Distorting and smashing the rational world

Every day we become more addicted to devastation
Breaking the boundaries of what is unknown, we’re still counting on absolution.
Trying to hide from ourselves and failing to find compassion
We’re omnipotent human beings who still are afraid of existence of a God.

When the hatred was born in our minds?
Who pulls the strings?
Prepare for another lie, flowing with thoughts, filled with paralyzed dreams of becoming blind.


Track Name: Labores Semper Tecum
In the vortex of fire I move through the countless flock of the godforsaken ones to the stage, which reminds me
a block.

I see remains of their eyes flowing down their cheeks.
Crack of their skin deafens me.
The waves of sufferings and pain are washing me.

My wail of compassion drowns in the tongues of flame.
Hundreds of strings tighten me –
Immaculate harvester of mankind – the one to blame.

I scorn myself, contemplating what I’ve done with these helpless beings
With their Now, turned to None.

I’m melting with poisonous smoke
I leak – I’m squashed shriek – I’m a flow.
I am bleeding with tears of flame, going into nothing,
To return in epochs again.

Track Name: Black Pilgrim
My soul is bisected,
Threads of mind are torn.
Will journey through darkness ever end?
Will I finish alone?

I’m an outcast to people
Who are breaking my bones
My body is full of cuts and scars,
Thrown at with stones.

I’m fed up with blood and flesh

But you won’t see my tears
‘Cause my eyes are sewn
You won’t hear my screams
‘Cause my mouth is erased
The world is turning away from me
But I’ll be the first one to reject the decaying society.

Whirls of thoughts spin in your head
What do you worship in your life
Better forget.

Rain washes away
Mud and blood from my face
I don’t remember what time really is
Living through nights and dying through days.

Close your eyes, take my hand
You will see the clarity with your mental sight.

Pre-Chorus: Chorus:

Waves of hatred pierce in your mind
When you look through the prism of reality
Better be blind.

I’m the last pilgrim on this perennial quest
In search of crystal mountain which delenda est.